Monday, February 01, 2016

Janielle had a fall

Janielle had a fall 2 nights ago, by usual standard that wasn't a bad fall, the difference is that when it happened she was carrying Jemaine on her back and was trying to run to catch up to us. She fell face-first I believe, and broke her top right incisor.. Ouch.. Actually I was furious, not because she/they done anything wrong, but I was anguished that it was a preventable accident since I've warned them so many times specifically saying that they will lose their teeth should they fall. Needless to say, they got it bad from me, a long lecture, no physical punishment. I feel bad for Janielle especially that tooth was an permanent tooth, there will not be a replacement. I found 2 fragments on the ground and was hoping that the dentist would be able to salvage them. As we walk back to our car, I didn't talk, the kids did not cry. But when Yanbin carried Janielle into her arms, Janielle just poured into her shoulder, sobbing.. They fell asleep in the car. Later Janielle told us, that when she woke up from that nap, she tried to feel for her tooth, hoping that it was only a bad dream.

In the morning, my stirred emotions finally settled, and I was finally cooled down enough to feel very sorry for Janielle. She was up early chatting with Yanbin at the dining table. She's back to the jovial girl that we know. She is a strong girl indeed. I chatted with the kids, separately. Jemaine felt bad too, she said that she would not ask Janielle to carry her again if we turn back time. She also agreed that Jiejie is strong for she knows that when Jiejie was at the dentist she endured with the discomfort when she was receiving treatment (even the dentist said Janielle is good, usually adults couldn't get through the night without discomfort). I made her promise to keep on walking even if her legs are tired again next time. I can't really fault Janielle for wanting to carry Jemaine when her lil sis grumbles abt her tired legs too; she's only being the big sister that she is. When I chatted with her abt it, she said she will get sad again if I remind her abt it (Lol). The rest of the weekend went by normally after Janielle got her remnant tooth temporarily covered at the dentist. The 2 sisters were back to chattering, playing games at the backseat of the car, complaining abt each other when they got home. I was very glad that Janielle didn't blame Jemaine for what happened despite me scolding Jemaine abt her grumbles in front of Janielle. I'm amazed by her big heart.

For now I can only hope that she gets her tooth build up soon and that the treatment is easy on her, she's too small to be going through all these.. I'm proud to have such a strong girl..

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


longing for a real break, a break, away from EVERYTHING...

Monday, October 22, 2012

that tad bit of soreness which wont go away..

I've been working myself silly, very hard these few months.. I'm trying to make my effort be seen.. and hopefully be acknowledged.

For 2 occasions I felt that I've been neglected at work. First was that 2 of my immediate colleagues were nominated for, and received the "Exceptional Science Award".. It's not that they were undeserving, but I felt that I contributed significantly to a particular work of one which i think landed her the award. I was the one that got that stroke of brilliance and suggested to her to take a different interpretation of that data.. That presentation made everything made sense.. I dun think she purposely discredited me, and I dun even think she gave any thought abt what did she actually do which got her nominated, i guess she presented that data, and people are happy with it.. Well to be fair, she did all the work, all I did was suggest.

The second was that a pay adjustment move didn't include me, the rest of my team were. 

these feelings were there a couple of months back, i've since convinced myself that my time will come, and that i am blessed to be able to learn much at this job, and to study while i work too.. im also blessed in more ways than one, i've got a life (ok some life, not so much now), close friends, good personal relationship with most colleagues, good opportunity at work, have a lovely wife and 2 adorable daughters..

but i hope, my time will come, soon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The CO planned some events, out of the ordinary, for this year's in-camp.. Some activities which I do really find worth joining.. A half day tour has been organized in the name of National Education and a Family day was planned to let our families, wives and kids know what their men of the house really do during their in-camp training.. The CO mentioned making arrangement for rides in some of the army vehicles, face painting for kids, as well as combat rations foodtasting for families..

However so far from wad I've gathered from ppl ard me, most ppl aren't interested at all, and thinks that it is a waste of time.. I was expecting one of my storeman to bring his young boy for this family day event, where his wife and kids can see the battalion in action during an actual exercise.. His response was "outfield leh!".. Fine, maybe it can be a bit dusty and hot.. The thing is that he didn't even asked if his family is interested in the 1st place!

It's tough making ur family proud of ur national contribution, without the serviceman being proud of wad he's doing in the 1st place...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lab rat

Slowly, but surely, I know that I'm walking I to the routines of a common Singaporean, or a family man if u shld say..

I need to get out of this, at least occasionally.. Get out of the daily cycle of waking, sending wife and kids to mother-in-laws', heading to work, lunch at desk/foodcourt, work, head home, get car fetch wife/kids, dinner, back home, put the kids to bed, surf net, slp..


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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Annapurna Base Camp trek (part 2)

Back in Singapore.. After half a day of unpacking, washing of dirty laundry and cleaning up of the house, I've finally beginning to pick up my life from where I've left it. Fetch the kids, paid my bills and parking fines, sent the car for maintenance servicing.. Now we're on our way back home on the mrt...
I've actually been blogging along the way as I was traveling thru Nepal.. But those entries really sound more like documenting the trip than the actual blogging of my personal thoughts.. I'll considering posting those again k?

Lying on the opposite sides of the Himalayas, Nepal is to India like Tibet to China. We've got an impression that that Nepali does not get along well with the Indians.. From Lonely Planets saying they want to distinguish themselves from Delhi with a mere 15min in timezone difference, from the expression I get from a porter when I mentioned Nepali music sound Indian (oh come on Indian music is the nearest I've come across in Singapore mah)..

Other than Old Pokhara, and the stretch of Kathmandu outside Thamel tat we walked on our last day in Nepal, the places where we stayed is very much like any other tourist-overpopulated street.. Like Kuta beach in Bali, that backpacker area in HCMC, Chatuchak in BKK, the marketplace in Siem Reap... So I did rather enjoy the walk in Old Pokhara and outside Thamel.. Lets me see the real Nepal.. Nepali engaged in simple trades, at least tats from wad I saw.. Selling meat, peddling vege and fruits, goldsmiths, selling flowers, spices, dentists, selling household items.. The Nepali were in the midst of their 4-day Dewali (Deepavali) celebration, great chance to catch a glimpse of their activities..

The trek.
In summary, I enjoyed the trek very much.. It's similar to Mt. K trek, in the sense of altitude, thin air and the cold.. It's like the G.Tahan trek in terms of the length.. But this is better of the both.. Very nice scenery, very good pace.. We didn't have to start damn early and end damn late, didn't have to trek in the dark other than the 2 sunrise treks.. G.Tahan was horrible such that we stop only to eat and sleep.. In Nepal, we usually reach our destination by 3pm in the afternoon, plenty of time to change into cleaner warmer clothes and settle down, have some hot drinks, even a few games of bridge... We had plenty of rest, usually asleep by 8pm even though each day breakfast was at 630am.. 10 hrs of sleep each night!! Mt. K was tough such that we ascend so much in 2 days.. And on day 2, trek starts at bloody 2am, 4hrs to sunrise, and then ends only when u're out.. That's abt 15hrs of climbing and descending on the 2nd day!! In the ABC trek, we trekked for 4 hrs before lunch and 2-3hr after.. That's it! Even for sunrise treks we only start at 430am.. 2hrs to sunrise.. The only grouse I haf was my stamina in the cold and in thin air.. I had the same problem the 2 times I was in Mt. K.. Think when I do go for the Everest Base Camp trek I really do need to train really hard...

View from Ghandruk, our teahouse on Day 1 of the trek, Excellent View Guesthouse

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Annapurna Base Camp trek

7 days in Nepal, 5 days in the trek.. At points along the trek I really feel like giving up.. I guess mayb because our 'ultimate' objective: Annapurna Base Camp, was attained on the 5th morning, of 10 days into the trek.. And a big part was from my intolerance of the cold and thin air.. And also possibly that this portion of the trek is basically a retracing of our steps to our lodge at day 2. The 'mountain sickness' wasn't as bad as the 2 times I was at Mt K. But this trek is definitely longer, comparable to G.Tahan?

We were talking abt all the things we missed from home today! KFC, butter crab, prawn paste chicken.. Quite sick of the menu from at lodges. Let's hope the scenery for the next few days can keep us going!!

Machhapuchhre, taken from Annapurna Base Camp

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